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We are available as a resource to the facility staff when crises arise with residents and families. The medical professional attends the care plan meetings, offering notes and documentation to substantiate the levels of care needed for residents who are depressed, demented, isolated, delusional, wandering, aggressive and so forth.

In addition, we liaison to the resident's family from home, satisfying the various quality assurance parameters. We can provide staff and family training sessions that may be open to the public as a means of enhancing the facility's recognition in the community. Our diagnostic plans become a part of the chart, available for audits and for staff and physicians to review. They may then discuss the ongoing status and solve problems of recurring or chronic difficulty.

We maintain active contact with physicians about psychotropic medications, diagnostic services, psychological treatment and medical or psychological changes in patient status.

Houston Staff

Dr. Leo J. Borrell, President & Senior Consultant


“Under the care of Leo J. Borrell, M.D. since December 2001, I have seen a remarkable improvement in my mother’s condition. She is responding dramatically to the new regiment Dr. Borrell has prescribed.”

- Beth Rose


"We see that quality in the services provided by Senior PsychCare. Our staff has seen positive changes in our residents receiving counseling from Senior PsychCare social workers, nurse practitioners, and psychiatrists."

- Laurice Alvarado, BSW


"Senior Psychcare of San Antonio has been a benefit to our nursing home. They have a knowledgeable staff that serves our elderly well. I would highly recommend their services to any nursing home. They offer support, not only to residents, but to their families as well."

- Rosella Espinoza, LBSW