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Q: “I am doing my monthly chart audit and have a questions about medications and diagnosis.  I would think that the diagnosis should match the medication.  For example if a person is on Celexa they would have a diagnosis of depression?  Or could they just have a diagnosis of anxiety?  I think that might be more of an issue for the nursing home to make sure the patient is not on medications they have a diagnosis for.  I know some of the antidepressants are for both anxiety and depression.  What do you all think?”

A: “A patient could be on SSRI for lots or reasons not just depression.  Used for anxiety, sexually inappropriate behavior, hypofrontality w/ dementia, appetite stimulation, PBA to name a few- lots of FDA, on and off label uses that are in protocols.  Many times there is a "catch all" dx like Depression NOS or Anxiety NOS and a further explanation under the "If other" column.  If not, cite it as a deficiency, and that provider needs to be notified that they are not clear b/c they have been educated to document as such.  And if I'm doing it, let me know- I'm a dork :)”


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Sorting Out the Three D's: Delirium, Dementia and Depression In the Elderly Population


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