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Older adults have special physical, emotional, and social needs. Understanding this, the geriatric psychiatrist, with a team of nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and psychotherapists (LCSW, LPC, PhD, and Psychiatrists), takes a comprehensive approach to diagnosis and treatment.

This includes listening and responding to the concerns of the older adult, helping families, and when necessary, working with other health care professionals to develop effective approaches to treatment.

A comprehensive approach requires assessing cognitive deficits, underlying depression and anxiety, co-existing medical illnesses, medications, family issues, social concerns, and environmental issues integrated into a comprehensive program of care with the Nursing Home Staff, Borrell Cognitive Neuropsychiatric Inventory (BCNI), and Neurologist Assessment. Call us at 713.850.0049 to learn how we can help.

Services We Offer to Long Term Facilities

  • Counseling and Psychotherapy -Individual, Group and  Family Therapy
  • Psychiatric Evaluation and Psychotropic Medication Management : consultation for management of dementia and related problems, depression, anxiety, psychosis and behavioral problems
  • Psychiatric Diagnosis and Evaluation:Treatment Plannnig, Neurologist Interview, Borrell Cognitive Neuropsychiatric Inventory (BCNI) – Mental Health Screening for Dementia, Depression and Anxiety, In service Training for Nurses and CNAs, Assistance with Psychiatric Hospitalization and Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient Programs
  • Consultation For Quality Improvement, Cultural Change, Psychotopic Medication Reduction, Team Section and Team Building, Coaching and Mentoring, Addressing Medicare mental Healthcare Survey Issues including but not limited to F-tags 328, 429 and 501
  • Assistance with Community Education, Public Relations, Caregiver Support
  • Training of Mental Health Professional: Supervision for LCSW certification, Special Skills and Techniques  for Psychotherapy  with Seniors. CE for Social Workers, Psychologist MD, NP/PA

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February 2012

The Reality of the Need and Service of Mental Healthcare in Nursing Homes that Affect the Quality of Care and the Quality of Life

 by Dr. Leo J. Borrell

A Focus Group with AMDA Members 2011

What Primary Care Physicians Want and Need

 by Dr. Leo J. Borrell

January, 2014

Innovative Models of Geriatric Mental Health Services in Long Term Care:

A Model Utilizing a Large Multi-Disciplinary Group

by Dr. Leo J. Borrell

March 22, 2011

Treatment of Severe Psychiatric Problems

 by Dr. Leo J. Borrell

March 9, 2011

Dementia and Behavioral Problems

 by Dr. Leo J. Borrell

Dec. 29, 2009

Depression Presentation for AMDA 2009

by Dr. Leo J. Borrell

Feb. 22, 2010

Long Beach 2010: Management of Depression, Bipolar Disorders, Obsessive-compulsive Disorder, Chronic Schizophrenia and other Psychiatric Diagnoses in the Non-demented Residents of Long Term Care

by Jay Luxenberg M.D.



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Another heads up on Jennifer. I have to thank her and acknowledge her amazing work and reporting capabilities! In my position, she makes the world go around in such a positive way. These GDR pieces take SPC to another level. They save lives and make the facilities unbelievably grateful. Thank you Jennifer for your hard work. You are appeciated!

- Navasota GDR

“Our facility is happy to have Senior PsychCare as our partner in addressing the psychosocial needs of our residents. The psychologists and employees of Senior PsychCare are friendly, helpful team-players who partner with us to improve the lives of our residents. They assist with medication reductions, counseling, and behavioral rounds for our residents in need. They are always helpful when we have condition changes or emergency needs. I’d highly recommend their services to other facilities.”

Anthony Ughetti, Administrator Huntsville Health Care Center, Huntsville, Texas

“Under the care of Leo J. Borrell, M.D. since December 2001, I have seen a remarkable improvement in my mother’s condition. She is responding dramatically to the new regiment Dr. Borrell has prescribed”

- Beth Rose

Information regarding Clock Tests

We will be happy to discuss any questions regarding your clock test scores, including a comprehensive literature review. Please email us at info@seniorpsychiatry.com

Information for the Family (Caregiver)

Transitioning Into Nursing Facility Life

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